4 Gift Basket Organizing Tips

Gift baskets are ideal for any occasion because everyone loves getting a well-thought-out basket full of presents. From birthdays and fundraisers to baby showers and holidays, gift baskets allow you to be creative and unique. If you are new to creating gift baskets, our experts on gift basket supplies in Orlando are here with some great organizing tips.

Choosing your gift basket items

We suggest beginning your gift basket project with some planning according to a theme. Think about the upcoming occasion and what your recipient needs or wants most. Depending on the occasion, you might create a holiday gift basket for your parents, a 50th birthday basket crammed with gag gifts, or a housewarming basket filled with kitchen gadgets and cooking supplies. Once you have determined your theme and gathered your special gifts, you will have an idea of the best-sized basket for holding all your goodies.

Choosing the perfect basket

Choosing the best basket is far more than meets the eye. You will need to pick a basket large enough to contain the gifts you bought and sturdy enough to keep them secure. Your choice of basket should go beyond a pretty package, so you should consider various uses for it after it is unveiled. For example, the base of your gift basket is an additional gift when the receiver can use it afterward.

Consider the theme you decided on when choosing the basket base. For example, if you are going with a housewarming theme, you might choose a nice laundry basket or slow cooker as your basket base. On the other hand, if you are giving a movie night gift basket, you may choose a nice popcorn bucket to be the base of your gift.

As you have seen, gift basket bases do not always have to be literal baskets, but you should consider their crafting when they are. For example, does the basket have useable or decorative handles? Does the basket bottom provide sufficient support, width, and space for your chosen items? Be sure to select a sturdy base that can be displayed beautifully for the best basket-giving experience.

Arranging your gift basket

Gift basket arranging requires strategy, a creative eye, and some practice. First, it is helpful to place the heavier, larger items in the back. Then, arrange smaller, shorter items in front, keeping things organized where all the items are at least partially visible and recognizable. Use paper shreds or tissue paper to boost the height of items that can’t be seen well. Play around with the arrangement before settling on the final look.

If you are including fragile items, try to save space for them in the front. If you can’t, work them in strategically at an angle on the sides. To prevent breaking, you should place smaller, fragile items in the front or on top of others. Do not be afraid to use glue dots, glue, or tape to keep things in place and safe.

Wrap it up

Complete your basket with a beautiful wrapper. We recommend a cellophane wrap with a color that fits your theme. Find your gift basket supplies in Orlando by heading to our home page. We have everything you need to design a beautiful gift basket!