Things to Consider Before Buying Custom Printed Shopping Bags in Orlando

Shopping bags are so prevalent in our society that we can easily take them for granted. Most shoppers expect shopping bags when they make a purchase. So it is natural for cashiers and clerks to use these convenient, simple materials to bag up a customer’s purchases before sending them away to their next destination.

Despite the everyday use of these convenient tools, many merchants wonder if providing shopping bags is a good idea. They worry that they may be bad for the environment and whether there is any real benefit to making them available. They also struggle with deciding whether to buy a generic version or use one with custom printing. Our experts offer these things to consider so you can make an informed decision about shopping bags for your business.

Environmental concerns

Many business owners wonder whether plastic shopping bags are environmentally friendly. With more than 1 trillion plastic bags used globally every year and a million bags used globally per minute, this is a reasonable concern. The average family will collect as many as 60 plastic bags in four grocery store visits alone. Plastic shopping bags use is widespread, but many people insist that they contribute to waste and litter, damaging the environment. However, comparing plastic shopping bags with alternatives, like paper shopping bags, is crucial.

The numbers are surprising when comparing plastic and paper shopping bags. First, paper bags require 40% more energy to produce than their plastic counterparts. In addition, paper bags create nearly 80% more waste than plastic ones. Also, paper bag manufacturing is responsible for around 70% more harmful emissions released into the air than plastic bag production. Finally, plastic bag use leads to nearly 94% less waterborne waste than paper bags.

These numbers may make you wonder why we provide bags at all. However, biodegradable plastic shopping bags will allow customer convenience with an environmentally-friendly twist. They break down quickly after being discarded, making them better for the environment. Some merchants also encourage their customers to recycle and reuse bags to lower their environmental impact. These are all great options for reducing the environmental impact while still offering consumers the convenience of having a way to carry their purchases home.

Plastic bags and marketing

Customers take notice of unique shopping bags. Custom printed shopping bags are one of the most cost-effective options for highlighting your logo and making a good impression on potential and existing customers. Plastic shopping bags are also reused by consumers, giving you additional opportunities to make an impression. For example, people use bags with unique designs in art or craft projects. People also hang on to nicer bags to carry and deliver things to each other, so your bag might be passed around to other people, giving your brand further exposure. Business marketing means putting your brand at the front of a person’s mind. This can require your brand to be noticed up to seven times before someone does business with you. Using your logo to make a visual impression is an excellent way to get your brand in front of people until they are convinced to do business with you, and shopping bags are an affordable way to make that happen.

Consider this information before buying shopping bags for your business. Then, we have you covered if you are ready for custom printed shopping bags in Orlando. Contact us today for more information on what we have to offer.