Gift-Giving Guide for Thoughtful Presents

Giving a gift is an expression of love and acceptance for the person you present it to. There are various reasons for giving a gift, including graduation, birthdays, a new baby, a new job, marriage, etc. No matter the reason for giving a gift, doing it in a thoughtful and meaningful way can make it more valuable to the recipient. Our experts on custom ribbon in Orlando recommend the following tips for giving meaningful and well-received gifts.

Give by hobby or niche interest

Your relatives’ and friends’ hobbies can give you a sense of direction for giving them the perfect gift. For example, are they a wine connoisseur or a cheese lover? Giving them a present within the niche they are interested in will let them know that you notice and appreciate their unique aspects. However, the trick is not to overdo it. For example, if everyone knows your sister loves cats, there is a big chance she has more generic cat-themed items than she knows how to handle. So instead, think outside the box and do something special, like donating to a cat rescue in her name or finding a cat-related item that is truly unique and special.

Give to a noble cause

Everyone knows at least one person it is impossible to shop for, whether they already have everything imaginable or they are a minimalist who desires no more material property. Gifting for these people is frustrating, for sure. But it doesn’t have to be. Instead, give them a present that supports a noble cause or donate to a charity or cause in their name that you know they care about and support.

If you are not positive about where to begin, consider gifting them a Kiva gift card that provides deserving entrepreneurs with microfinance opportunities, and let them enjoy the fun of picking their recipient, following the loan, and getting feedback along the way. On the other hand, if they are interested in culture and have a passion for handmade goods, give them a NOVICA gift card and let them pick their handmade present to support an artist and their family. There are many other ways to give back to the world around you while gifting someone you love!

Give for good luck

There are many occasions, like a graduation or marriage, when giving a gift that wishes the recipient prosperity and good fortune is meaningful. Research the symbolism and myths associated with good luck and auspiciousness and use your creativity. For example, owls, agate, and moonstone are believed to provide protection and good luck, while frogs, peridot, and turquoise are supposed to offer healing.

Give according to personality

Failure to consider your recipient is a great way to make the gifting experience awkward. But matching your gift to the receiver’s personality sends the message that you see, accept, and love them for who they are. Environmentally-conscious people will likely appreciate different gifts than trendsetters. Your hippie friend might like a new plant or recycled handbag, while your spiritual friend might enjoy a new bible or spiritual music subscription.

Give by observance

Observation is the number one rule of gift-giving. When you master the art of observation, you pay attention to what loved ones and friends say and what their interests are. People constantly hint about their likes and dislikes, even when you least expect it. Thoughtful gifters also understand their recipient’s circumstances. People do not always realize or ask for what they need, but being attentive to what may make their life easier or what they need replaced can give you clues to the perfect gift. For example, your busy, new-mom friend might love a day at the spa or a massage to relax. Keep your eyes and ears open to be the best giver.

These are just a few tips for giving thoughtful, meaningful presents. Contact us today for custom ribbon in Orlando to wrap that perfect gift with a little extra love!