4 Benefits of Custom Printed Shopping Bags

Custom printed shopping bags aren’t just cute gimmicks, and they can seriously bump up business. Ordering customized shopping bags can offer many great benefits and make a lasting impact on the bottom line.
Available in different sizes

Most people would not put an engagement ring inside of a shoebox. So why try cramming a purchase into packaging or shopping bags that only sort of fit? Instead, ordering customized bags in a variety of sizes makes far more sense. When selling different sized objects, it is sensible to have bag sizes that will accommodate every item. It can inconvenience a customer to walk around all day carrying a giant plastic shopping bag for the comparably small pen they purchased. Do not put customers through that.

Boost Brand Image

Regardless of profit margins, shoppers often associate customized shopping bags with high-end boutiques and stores. People feel special carrying away their purchases in a bag that makes them look like savvy shoppers, and everyone loves to feel special. Custom printed shopping bags in Orlando from Bagsandboxes.com will have customers show off their new purchases simply because it feels more special to them.

Brand Recognition

Most people save every nice shopping bag—they’re perfect when it’s a kiddo’s turn to bring in snacks for the class, when running a few things over to a neighbor’s house, or even when doing some last-minute gift wrapping and needing a cute bag. When customers reuse branded bags, it extends marketing efforts without any real effort at all. That wouldn’t happen with a plain old plastic shopping bag.

Help to Edge Out the Competition

Today’s locally owned stores are in a constant battle against the online retail giants. Sure, they may have lower costs; no one is arguing that. But they have their drawbacks, too. Shopping at an online retailer often means waiting 3-5 days for purchases to arrive, paying for shipping costs, and hoping for the best in terms of what you think you’re ordering versus what shows up in the box. As a physical retail store, there are far more advantages than one would imagine, especially given the rapidly growing shop local, support small biz movement. Since in-store shoppers are looking for gratification, make sure that posh and trendy shopping bags are a part of that experience. A customer is not interested in a smashed-up postal box that may have sat out in the rain for eight hours—they are looking for the effort behind a crisp piece of folded tissue paper, an elegant bag, and, most of all, their purchase, right away. A positive experience like this is what turns one-time customers into loyal and long-term customers.

The right bag really can make all the difference—and not just when talking about Prada or Chanel. BagsandBoxes.com produces custom printed bags in Orlando and beyond. Use custom printed bags to provide customers with a shopping bag that has all their friends and neighbors asking, “What is in that awesome bag?”