Ribbons, Ribbons Everywhere.

Ribbons and bows are used in numerous innovative and ornamental ways. The multiple uses for ribbons include greeting cards, hang tags, gift wrapping, and invitations. They are also used for accessorizing and hair braiding. In addition, they are an essential component for fashion, crafting, jewelry, embellishing cakes, and numerous additional DIY undertakings. The floral industry would not be as unique without ribbons for bouquet wrapping projects, not to mention all of the ribbons utilized for birthday and wedding festivities. Ribbons and bows are used practically everywhere to beautify and embellish.

The history of ribbons

Ribbons were familiarized near the Middle Ages when traveling merchants rambled across Europe selling lovely ribbons from the far East, some interlaced with silver or gold. In contrast, others were fashioned from exquisite fabrics like silk. Historically, ribbons were sported solely by the upper-class and symbolized prosperity and sovereignty. However, by the 1800s, women’s and men’s attire was decorated with ribbons in various forms and had taken over the fashion industry. Today, the ribbon industry has evolved well past uncomplicated fabric materials and has encompassed different textiles varying from natural to manufactured fibers to be used in eclectic ways.

Ribbon varieties

Due to their availability and low price, ribbons are an everyday staple in daily life. An excellent variety of designs and hues of ribbons are unrestricted on the market. From online merchants or local craft stores, you can find nearly any coloring or design conceivable under the sun. In addition, custom printed ribbon in Orlando is readily available for purchase to personalize your ribbon for different uses. Ribbons also come in an assortment of fabrics, materials, and sizes.

Ribbon Uses

Ribbons are commonly used to create wreaths, sashes, garlands, bows, chair ties, gorgeous present wrapping, needlepoint, and fabric trims. Ribbons are also valuable for sewing to help garnish bedcovers and pillows. Ribbons have evolved to be a staple in the crafting world and are particularly useful for crafting home décor. They make stunning ribbon flowers and are often made into bouquets that can be used as centerpieces for the home or memorable celebrations. More narrow ribbons, also known as trim ribbons, are used in making boutonnieres and corsages. In addition, ribbons are used to dress up gift baskets and make them look more attractive and appealing to the eye.

Ribbon embroidery uses ribbons as a substitute for needlepoint thread to construct lovely flower designs, including leaves, french knots, flowers like roses or daisies, and the cutest tiny flower buds. Ribbon bows and roses can be used for adorning garments and fashion accessories like purses and hats. They are also found attached to gowns or dresses as a stand-alone trim or manipulated into innumerable shapes and sizes to produce an intricate and captivating fashion statement.

If you have been to a football or basketball game lately, you probably noticed that cheerleaders like to fashion personalized ribbons to wear in their hair. They use craft paints to add their graduation year or school initials for the crowd to enjoy. A recent fashion trend involves ribbon being used in jewelry to add an extra bit of style and flair.

Ribbons are pervasive in society, and if you look around, you will likely find one anywhere you go. Contact us today for information on custom printed ribbon in Orlando. We offer a variety of colors and designs for you to choose from.