The 3 W’s of Marketing Promotions

Promotional items are a fantastic marketing tool for a non-profit organization, big corporation, or start-up business. These imprinted products offer a superb marketing solution that is often as impactful as television advertising. Why? Because most of the time, a 30-second ad will not be a lasting memory. It may initially leave a mark, but it will not leave a lasting impression if it stops playing during commercial breaks.

Custom giveaways tend to have a longer life because recipients can use them for as long as they want. When investing in such products, the most critical question is, is it being done right? When done the wrong way, giving out freebie items will not be executed successfully. But how to know if you are doing it right is an important consideration. Whether you are correctly giving out freebies can be answered with three key questions: Who, What, and When. These W’s serve as a guide, mapping out a successful promotional plan.

Each question gives a clear understanding of the target market and the essence of promotional items offered. As a result, every bit of a company’s potential- including brand awareness- can be harnessed through customer engagement and high sales.

WHO Are the Recipients?

It all starts with the question of who. A clear understanding of the target market begins with knowing demographics—education, profession, name, gender, age, interests, and more and learning these basics aids in having a firm grasp of the needs of your customers and clientele. In addition, they provide a clear understanding of how to entice them successfully. With this, choosing the perfect gift or giveaway becomes much more manageable.

For example, imagine hosting a charitable event for children who are out of school for the summer. There’s no better promo gift than education-themed products. Items like books, pencils, crayons, and notebooks can give them some back-to-school savings. Parents will be grateful and remember the generosity for years to come -if promotional items have a logo on them to ensure recognition.

WHAT Items are Most Attractive?

Distinguishing what kind of items most clients or customers buy or are interested in means looking beyond their demographic profile. Knowing their behavioral patterns, buying habits, and other detailed factors will help find the best item that appeals to them. Utilizing marketing automation software can help in tracking customers’ buying habits and triggers.

Promotional merchandise associations usually do surveys on what the most loved promo products are at present. Imprinted pens are always a crowd favorite, as well as branded bags, mugs, promotional clothing, electronic devices, mints or sweets, stress balls, mousepads, games, and stationery. designs custom shopping bags in Orlando and across the US to make quite a statement in consumers’ hands.

WHEN to use promo items?

Events, campaigns, and programs can help employees feel motivated to work, improve productivity, and promote loyalty. Also, most people—including prospects—will be more likely to recognize the brand when provided with promotional gifts for attending.

Many events could benefit from promotional products. Take advantage of every opportunity, and make sure to include promotional items on your checklist. Whether an exhibit, trade show, employee reward program, or any other sponsored activity, there’s a perfect custom freebie available. Promotional gifts can also be well utilized during the holiday season. A well-chosen promo gift can extend holiday cheer to employees, customers, or vendors.

Investing in promotional items like custom shopping bags in Orlando from can impact employees, customers, and potential customers alike. The benefits include saving money, improving image, increasing sales, maintaining customer loyalty, and generating referrals, to name a few.