How to Incite Emotion When Using Colors in Your Branding

When it comes to choosing the right colors for your business branding, you want to match the personality, style, and tone of your business mission. Colors are extremely important when creating your logo and marketing materials like custom printed shopping bags in Orlando, as it will become the most recognized aspect of your business. You want to elicit the right emotional response from your target audience. Let’s take a look at the emotional response associated with most colors you can choose for your branding.


The color yellow is associated with optimism, clarity, and warmth. It creates a safe feeling in those that you want to trust in your brand. Companies such as McDonalds and UPS use these colors in their logo to create a presence that people feel excited to support. When you want to create a warm, inviting brand, you may want to incorporate yellow a main color scheme.


Is your brand friendly, cheerful, and confident? Orange is the right color for you. By using orange, you show potential customers that you have a friendly and happy presence in the community. You offer them a bright color scheme, similar to that used by Nickelodeon and Fanta sodas.


When people think of the color red, they think of exciting, youthful, and bold businesses. These businesses are not here to hide under any other colors, as red makes bold statement to consumers. Brands like Target and Coca-Cola are huge companies inside their markets. These businesses mean to stand out among their competitors.


The color purple represents many creative, imaginative, and wise brands. If you have a company that offers knowledgeable and expert services or you base your business on creativity and imagination, purple may be the perfect choice for you. Brands like Hallmark and Barbie use purple to further their brand messaging.


When people think about the color blue, they often have thoughts of trust, dependability, and strength. Companies that use blue in their branding are typically displaying the message that they can be trusted as reliable experts in their industry. These brands include Lowes and American Express, two huge incorporations that millions of people trust.


Green elicits emotions of peaceful, growth, and health. Many businesses in the medical field use the color green in their branding, and many food business also use these colors to assert the health of their foods. For example, Whole Foods and Tropicana both use green as the main color in their logos, asserting their presence as healthy and strong in their industry.

When you go to select the right color for your brand, you need to take the emotional response and tone into consideration. If you need help with marketing materials, like custom printed shopping bags in Orlando, contact the pros at Bags and Boxes for help today.