Using Promo Items to Boost School Spirit

Plenty of exposure and a stronger sense of community is a killer combination that can be a reality with promotional items designed to improve school spirit. Customized school spirit items can help create a sense of identity and school pride that can get students excited about representing your school, just like the first football match of the year does. It is no surprise that students love having the opportunity to display their school spirit.

You can increase your school’s exposure and create an environment for student success with the right promo products. Our experts on custom printed ribbon in Orlando offer the following info on using promo items to skyrocket your school spirit.

How promo products increase school spirit

With all their festive music, branded gear, and cheering, Pep rallies help strengthen the community and allow students a feeling of belonging. In many cases, that sense of belonging translates to improved academic performance. School promotional items can help accomplish these same goals daily. Your students can show off your brand to thousands of people and relish their sense of community and school spirit when you provide them with the ability to represent with their school logo. Promo items can achieve this goal for elementary, high school, and university students.

Activities to boost school spirit

Our experts present the following school spirit activities where people in attendance can show off their spirit with promo items:

New mascot competitions

Mixing things up with a new mascot competition is a beautiful and exciting way to involve students in developing a fresh, unique school identity everyone can get behind.

Movie nights

School-hosted movie nights are an affordable, fun way to bring your community together for a fun experience. Allow attendees to vote on the feature for a more engaging experience.

Spirit week

Students can have the chance to have fun and show off their creativity while boosting school spirit with an annual school spirit week. Themed dress-up days are a way that many schools celebrate school spirit week.

Pep rallies

Traditionally held in support of an upcoming sports event, pep rallies are the perfect way to get your students excited for extracurricular activities in the district. Pre-game hype is well-loved by most.

Back to school barbeques

Faculty, parents and students can get together to create excitement for the coming school year at a back-to-school barbeque. It is also a great time to welcome new students into your academic community.

Faculty, parents, and students can show off their school spirit products at these activities. In addition, giving away promo items at these events can make them even better.

Promo items to boost school spirit

If you want to keep students performing at their best, consider an academic contest for weekly classroom stars, offering a free promo item for the person whose name is drawn from a pool of students who did exceptional work in the classroom. Here are some fantastic school spirit items for any occasion:

Branded apparel

You can give away and sell all sorts of school spirit apparel to meet students’ needs and boost spirit. Consider having a full line of clothing designed, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets, sweat pants, shorts, hats, and visors.

Branded accessories

These items tend to be a bit less costly than apparel items, giving all students access to the opportunity to show their school spirit. These items can include temporary tattoos, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, shoestrings, zipper pulls, and hair bows made with custom printed ribbon in Orlando.

Sports and outdoor accessories

Sports and outdoor items will be great options for both students and parents. These items may include sports towels, branded balls, stadium seats, pom poms, and water bottles.

This has been an overview of using promo items to boost school spirit. Whether you use these ideas or create traditions and promo items of your own, school spirit is a great way to engage your students and your community.