3 Marketing Materials Every New Business Needs

The successful launch of a new business relies on marketing strategies. It would be best to have proper marketing tools to market your company effectively. A set of on-brand, well-designed marketing materials can be a fantastic way to connect with ideal clients and customers, increase buzz around your company, grow your credibility, and get the word out on your services or products. Unfortunately, many company owners simply do not know what tools are right for their business. Our experts offer the following marketing materials that every new business requires for success.

Flyers and postcards

Businesses can boost events and local marketing with the assistance of marketing flyers and postcards. They are large enough to allow promotional offers, captivating visuals, and plenty of information about your company. In addition, these marketing materials are portable, so you can boost brand visibility by posting them on local message boards, placing them in storefront windows, and leaving a stack with other local businesses to share with their clients. These materials are also ideal for mail marketing since their finish and size tend to grab people’s attention and draw them to your company. They are available in various paperweights, finishes, and styles, making it easy to adjust their style to fit your specific needs.


When people want to know more about a company, they often turn to the internet. This makes having a website that is well designed a necessity. In addition, a great website makes it easy to build trust with customers and clients, share info about your services and products, lend credibility to your company, and help convince consumers you are the company they should be doing business with. While the most effective website design will depend on your company, your target clients, and what you are marketing, you should incorporate a few universal elements, including:

Social media links

Linking your social media profiles like YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook, makes it easier for your customers to stay connected to your business.

Operation hours

Your clients need to know when your business is open if it is a brick-and-mortar facility. So place your hours of operation in an easy-to-locate area of your website.

Service and product info

Your website should always highlight what you do, including information about the services and products you offer. Depending on your business model, this may include peddling those services and products directly on your site.

‘About us’ section

A great way to tell the story of your business is through the use of an ‘about us’ section. This section will allow you the perfect opportunity to tell potential clients who you are.

Contact details

Your website should always have contact information, including your address, phone number, and email address.

Business branding

Users need to be aware that your site is designed for your company in order for it to be an effective marketing tool. Include your logo on every page and leverage your brand’s color palette to make a statement. Nailing your website design is vital because it will create plenty of exposure. However, if you do not have a background in web design, you should hire a professional web designer to ensure your site produces the results you are looking for.

Custom printed shopping bags

Providing your customers with custom shopping bags in Orlando is a great marketing strategy. With a well-placed logo, these bags can act as free advertisement everywhere they are carried. Be sure to place your logo clearly on the front and back of your bag to ensure maximum exposure as they carry your products from place to place.

These are just a few of the marketing materials every new business needs. Contact us today for more information on custom shopping bags in Orlando.