6 Ways to Create Packaging that Makes a Great First Impression

Whether you have an e-commerce business or you include shipping services in addition to your brick-and-mortar store, you likely spend time searching for ways to create beautiful packaging. Mailing your products can become an experience to captivate your customers and keep them interested in more. Creating that outstanding first impression is one of the best ways to wow your customers and add value to your business. By using custom packaging and custom ribbon in Orlando, you can create the most memorable unboxing experience. These are a few ways that you can create packaging that makes a great first impression on your customers.

Make It Attractive

To stand out, your packaging needs to be eye-catching. Consider bright colors, unique patterns, and exciting designs to keep your packaging both fresh and exciting to your customers. This also ensures that it will stand out from the typical cardboard box packages that usually arrive from big box stores. When you create a unique and attractive unboxing experience, your customers have a lasting first impression.

Use Branded Materials

Anytime you are creating products for your business, you should add any branding elements into the design. Consider the color scheme of your brand, your logo, and your overall style when you are choosing the packaging. By creating a cohesive scheme, you are also furthering your brand awareness to your target customers.

Make it Easy to Open

No one likes to have a difficult package to open. Your eager customers are excited and ready to see what’s inside, so you have to make sure that your package is easy to open. Avoid frustration by using packages with tear strips and other easy to open features.

Make it Durable

It may seem easy to save money on packaging supplies, but this can lead you to choose cheaply made materials. Focus on choosing durable, well-made materials that can withstand a beating during travel. You need to protect your products with proper packaging, so spending the money on durable, high-quality materials that will keep your packages padded and protected.

Consider Sustainability

By using sustainable and recyclable materials for your packaging, you also make eco-friendly decisions that can add to your company’s mission. This will make an impact to those that are looking for ways to stand out from their competitors and also make a great first impression. Many sustainable packaging materials are available to make the planet a better place.

Consider Size

Avoid the issue of squeezing your products into a small box by considering the size of your products. Match the size of your products with suitable packaging materials to avoid the waste of added postage and the strange unboxing experience. Before you package your products, you should do a trial run to make sure it safely transports from one place to another.

By using beautiful packaging, you can create the ultimate first impression that will excite your customers from the first time they see their package on their doorstep. By using custom packaging, like our custom ribbon in Orlando, you can showcase the value and brand of your business on each and every package. Check out our website to see other custom packaging and shopping bag options for your business needs today.