The Psychology of Gift Giving

Giving and receiving gifts might seem straightforward, but for many, gift-giving can lead to tension and stress. This is because your gift says a lot about your relationship with the recipient. And failing to give a gift to somebody who values presents in a romantic relationship can cause trouble. But, on the other hand, giving gifts might be the main way someone shows love – their ultimate love language. Our experts on gift basket supplies in Orlando know a thing or two about giving gifts. With so many families and businesses utilizing our services, we often pick up on trends and insights and help solve gifting dilemmas. So what’s behind the act of giving gifts that fills us with so much pleasure or anxiety?

Why we give gifts

For many, having to present a gift is just a responsibility to meet. But, for others, it is a way of showing love and connecting on a deeper level with others.

  • To fortify relationships

Offering a thoughtful gift can show somebody how well you know them. Giving to somebody in a time of need can speak magnitudes about how much you love them. Coupled with a sincere apology, the proper gift may help compensate for poor behavior. Most strive to provide thoughtful gifts, particularly those they feel distant from or know value gifts.

Unfortunately, not everybody values gifts. If there is somebody in your family who says every year they would rather not get gifts honor their request (even if it goes against your traditions about giving). While you might feel good giving to them, it might do the opposite for your connection.

  • To bring others joy

If you are a mother or father of a child, you give your children gifts to make them happy. Who doesn’t love to see the look on a youngster’s face when they open up a present they’ve had their sights on for a while? That expression is priceless.

  • To feel better about ourselves

Giving makes us feel valuable. Two studies discovered giving leads to sensations of life satisfaction and lasting gains in overall happiness. On the opposing end of the spectrum, somebody with a solid competitive nature may also give gifts to “one-up” their sibling, co-worker, or even a partner. This can lead to the same improved happiness levels by feeling they have given the best present.

Choosing a thoughtful present

What is a thoughtful gift? Giving your husband, who flounders changing a light bulb, a power saw for his birthday might be insulting. And money can seem thoughtless–unless it’s what the person asked for.

To be considerate means showing care for the needs of others. A thoughtful present doesn’t have to be a total surprise, nor does it require a specific period or energy to pick. Those are illusions many have about gift-giving. More people like to get a gift they have asked for or hinted at liking.

A gift registry service helps you give more thoughtfully while keeping the surprise element. It is a beautiful way to discover more about what your family and friends are interested in, no matter how tight you believe you might be.

We hope this helps you better understand the psychology of gift giving. Check out our homepage for gift wrap, custom ribbons, and gift basket supplies in Orlando. We want to help you make your gifts beautiful.