Five Industries that Use Custom Packaging

Have you considered whether you should invest in custom packaging for your business? No matter what type of business you may have, you can upgrade your business practices by giving customers unique and attractive branded packages to take home. When they purchase your products or services, you want to provide customers with a memorable experience and reason to return. At Bags and Boxes, we create custom packaging and giftwrap in Orlando to provide businesses with the best supplies. There are many industries that use custom packaging to further their brand.


When customers walk into a jewelry store, they are typically looking to make an expensive purchase. Jewelry brands often elevate their packaging to show appreciation for their customers by customizing the experience. When their customers leave the store, they can carry their precious purchase with them while also donning an attractive, branded bag.

Apparel and Accessories

Many apparel and accessory businesses, department stores, boutiques, furniture stores, and wireless retailers use custom packaging to further expose their brand. They often have bags that match their color scheme and show off their logo, which people carry with them through shopping malls to advertise even more for these businesses. Custom packaging is a great way to alert other shoppers that your business is nearby, bringing in more foot traffic to retail locations.

Amusement Parks

Spending a day at an amusement park creates an experience that everyone will remember for years to come – and they surely will when they leave with a few branded, custom packages. Everything from cups to bags to ribbons to plates will likely showcase the logo and brand when you go to a popular theme park.

Sports Teams

Almost everyone can recognize the logos of athletic teams, and this is because they are given a lot of exposure. Their logos are everywhere and their color scheme is donned by fans. Their packaging is also branded with their team name, logo, font, and messaging. People can then enjoy the bags when they reuse them later, which will leave a great impression and memory for their experiences.


Eye doctors, med spas, dental services, and other medical businesses often have custom packaging to showcase their brand in their community. When customers leave these businesses with purchased goods, they often spread more awareness by carrying a bag with their logo and color scheme. Even hospitals and doctors’ offices will purchase branded supplies to give their patients once they use their s services, showing appreciation and care.

Food Service, Restaurants, and Catering

These are a few of the industries that use custom packaging to spread brand awareness to their communities and guests. When you operate in one of these industries, you may want to consider meeting your competitors’ strategies and also customizing your packaging. To hear about custom packaging and giftwrap in Orlando, check out Bags and Boxes today!