5 Unique Gift Basket Ideas

Who doesn’t like gift baskets? Honestly, I have never gotten a gift basket I didn’t absolutely love. There are gift baskets themed for nearly any occasion or interest. All it takes is a little out-of-the-box thinking. For example, my 16-year-old son, when asked what he thought about gift baskets, went on to tell me he wanted an “Apple” gift basket. Now, I know what he really means, but I am definitely making him a gift basket filled with apple butter, apple tarts, caramel apples, apple cider, and apple chips. But, again, that is thinking outside the box!

There is never a time when a gift basket is not appropriate. Whether it is to celebrate a new baby, show someone you are thinking of them when they are sick, or congratulate a friend on a promotion, a well-considered gift basket will leave them with a smile. And why not? Who wouldn’t want a basket full of gifts arranged beautifully in a beautiful wrapper?!

Our experts on gift basket supplies in Orlando present the following unique gift basket ideas to spark your creative side.

Baker’s dream gift basket

If you have a budding baker in your family or a baking-loving teen, consider gifting them with a baker-themed basket full of baking needs. Start with a large mixing bowl and a couple of decorative towels to fit the occasion, then fill it up with measuring spoons and cups, a bamboo or silicone spoon and spatula, mini loaf pans, and a baking recipe book. You can also throw in an assortment of gourmet extracts to bring a little flavor to the gift.

Busy days dinner basket

This basket is the perfect gift for someone who just had a baby, someone who has been ordered to stay off their feet, or someone dealing with grief. Buy an extra-large crockpot and fill it with a slow cooker recipe book and pantry items or dry goods for some of the recipes in the book you give them. You can also include some cooking utensils to stir things up.

Welcome home gift basket

This one is for the new homeowner. Start with your favorite trendy laundry basket. You can line it with plush bath towels or a fancy tablecloth. Next, pick up a fire extinguisher, an inappropriate doormat, a delightfully scented housewarming candle, and anything else you think they will need in their new space. Finally, you can throw in a blender if you really want to shake things up!

Art lovers gift basket

Create a basket full of art supplies for the artist in your life. Get them paintbrushes to place inside their new leather paintbrush roll, a palette, and fun things from your local art store like cups to clean their brushes. In addition, you can throw in an assortment of acrylic paints for a splash of color.

Coffee lovers gift basket

For the java lover in your life, this basket is perfect. Pick out a portable coffee grinder, some of your favorite locally roasted beans, some unique coffee mugs, and an assortment of coffee flavorings. You can also throw in some gourmet chocolate-covered espresso beans to sweeten things up.

These are just a few unique themed gift baskets you can create for someone special. Contact us today for your gift basket supplies in Orlando, then let the creative juices flow!