Tips for Using Custom Printed Shopping Bags

Whether you’re grabbing a goody bag after a company party or you’re at the grocery store, you are undoubtedly familiar with the use of plastic bags. However, custom printed shopping bags are an easy and affordable solution for many companies to provide convenient carry-out options for their customers and showcase their personal style. There are various ways to customize and utilize custom printed shopping bags in Orlando for companies of every size, and our experts offer these tips to help you get started.

Retail businesses

If your business is a retail business, you know that shopping bags are a critical part of a customer’s purchase. However, custom printed shopping bags can be used as an essential part of your marketing campaign. You will get free advertising everywhere your customer carries your custom printed shopping bag with your logo printed on the side. With that in mind, your consumers may not always feel comfortable letting people see exactly what they bought from you.

Frosted and solid-colored custom printed shopping bags are great for pharmaceutical companies, clothing, and makeup because they provide an excellent contrasting background for your logo but help keep your consumer’s purchases more private. On the other hand, antique shops or floral shops may do better by displaying customer purchases with lightly colored or clear bags that accentuate the beauty of the products they provide.

Food businesses

Custom printed takeout bags are also crucial for the restaurant business, even businesses that do not specialize in takeout. Visual appeal is an essential element of what draws consumers to your food. Having colorful printed bags for your food business will help make the products inside seem much more desirable. Your bag needs to reflect any qualities your customers look for in food service. For a tasteful, clean, and straightforward design, you may choose a simple custom printed shopping bag that displays your logo on the side. The empty space left around your logo will give a sense of cleanliness. Also, it would help if you considered using colors that relate to the style of food you serve, like red or yellow for fast food, pastel blue or pink for sweets, or green for organic.


It is always best not to send guests home empty-handed if you are hosting a large party. For example, company fundraisers or corporate parties are traditionally expected to have goody bags available for their guests with customized products and other memorabilia included. Of course, you can always go simple with the custom printed bags or make a fun gift out of the bag itself with a large printed picture or message on the side. For corporate goodie bags, pick a couple of larger items like a towel with a company logo, a t-shirt, custom headphones, or another custom gift based on the party theme to accompany a few small things like notepads or pens. Your guests will appreciate these as gifts of luxury, and it will leave them with a great impression of your company’s generosity.


If your business sets up displays at industry conferences or trade shows, you must have small promotional items that you can offer to as many people as possible. Unlike company parties, it is usually best to provide smaller bags with your company logo and note pads and pens that attendees can easily tuck into their pockets for the rest of the trade show or conference. Custom printed shopping bags for businesses offer their potential customers something to carry around their promotional items. The bag acts as a promotional item because promotion is the goal in a case like this. It is ideal to choose a solid-colored bag because it will provide a beautiful bold background for your custom printed logo.

When choosing custom printed shopping bags, always keep in mind the bag’s function concerning their design. For example, whether your bag should be transparent or not greatly depends on whether you want to highlight the products inside or emphasize the logo printed on the bag. There is a wide variety of custom printed shopping bags in Orlando to choose from, with many styles, shapes, sizes, and colors to match your industry and the places you plan to use the bags.