5 Reasons That Reusable Shopping Bags Matter to Consumers

It is the goal of every business to give their customers what they need. Providing your customers with branded items they can reuse, like reusable shopping bags, promotes your business and gets the word out about your brand. Choosing an item that consumers need or want is an effective way to use promotional marketing. You can ensure that your branding message gets plenty of exposure if you provide needed or wanted promotional items. For example, providing custom printed shopping bags in Orlando that your customers can reuse is a grand gesture to help them spread your brand’s awareness.

Many people need and want reusable shopping bags. Research confirms that consumers would rather use eco-friendly items than items that are harsh on the environment. In addition, providing your customers with reusable custom shopping bags in Orlando makes promotional marketing easy and convenient. Our experts offer these 5 reasons that reusable shopping bags matter to consumers.

They protect wildlife.

Plastic bags designed for single-use often result in litter or take up space in landfills. Garbage is dangerous to the environment and can harm animals and their habitats. It is common for marine animals to consume littered plastic bags or become tangled in them accidentally. Animals are kept safer using reusable shopping bags instead of disposable plastic because they reduce the amount of litter and trash that we create.

Everyone loves gifts.

Consumers are also always happy to receive gifts. Research shows that consumers are more likely to purchase items from a business that offers them promotional items, including reusable shopping bags. These bags help provide your consumers with a regular reminder about your business. Consumers are also likely to associate the bag positively with your brand because you gifted them with a valuable item.

Single-use plastic bag bans.

Many areas in the United States have bans placed on single-use plastic bags. You make it easy for your customers to comply with bag bans and address a need when you provide them with reusable shopping bags.

Promoting sustainability.

Research shows that customers have favorable opinions of a company that uses environmentally friendly products. Offering your customers reusable bags shows that you care about the environment more than just your profits. Studies prove that most customers wish to reduce their use of disposable plastic and are happy to make an effort to reduce plastic waste. Providing your customers with reusable shopping bags can help them reach that goal and improve the environment along the way. Most reusable shopping bags are eco-friendly because they replace single-use plastic bags and are often created from sustainable or recycled materials. Recycled materials play a part in conserving non-renewable resources and giving existing materials a new purpose.


Reusable shopping bags are better than other bags because they are more durable. The durable construction and heavy-weight material make them easier to load and unload. In addition, handles on reusable shopping bags are often more comfortable for carrying and can sometimes go over a customer’s shoulder to keep their hands free.

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