5 Ways to Use Promotional Products for Business Marketing

Adding promotional products to your business marketing strategy is always an intelligent decision. The next step you need to take is developing an effective plan for getting personalized items into the hands of consumers. Did you know that research supports the idea that nearly 85 percent of people who get personalized products are more likely to do business with the brand the product came from? The time to get those promotional items to future consumers is now!

Experts offer these 5 effective ways to use promotional items to improve branding:

Show your staff some love

When handing out your new personalized swag items, your own employees should not be overlooked. Your staff will always appreciate helpful products like phone chargers, tote bags, and travel mugs stamped with the company logo. You can be sure that they will use them at work and take them along to outside events where your business can get more organic advertising and exposure to potential clients. Giving gifts to your employees is also a great way to promote a positive team atmosphere. Anniversary celebrations, holidays, and open houses are all great times to reward your employees with promotional products and give them gratitude for their dedication.

Reward customer loyalty

Never take your most loyal customers for granted in hopes of growing your customer base. Using your personalized promotional items as a reward to your loyal clientele will make them feel valued and keep them returning to use your services. For example, offer promotional items to your customers for signing up for your newsletter or as a reward for business referrals. You can also give them as prizes for promotional sweepstakes or a special sale. The opportunities to reward your loyal followers are endless. With a bit of creativity, you can find unique ways to make them feel like they are special to you.

Creating new partnerships

Using your promotional items to impress business associates and clients with your thoughtfulness and good taste is never a loss. Your generosity may lead to you getting that hard-to-score meeting or a referral that leads to massive business growth. You can give items out as holiday gifts, celebrate a significant achievement, or start the new year off on the right foot. There is never a wrong time for making a good impression on people.

Sponsorship opportunities

Sponsoring local events is a good marketing tactic, but supporting your community and giving out promotional products to attendees is a great tactic. Many valuable promotional items are affordable and easily distributed at events. In addition, supporting local schools, fundraisers, festivals, and non-profit events can give your business a wide range of consumer exposure.

Make an Impact

No matter the manner you use to distribute your promotional products, it is crucial to impact potential customers. Unique items that surprise people at corporate meetings, trade shows, and expos can keep people talking about your business. For example, if you are sponsoring a back-to-school event, choose a personalized notebook or pens and pencils that parents and students will find valuable. Back-to-school shopping is expensive, and most parents genuinely appreciate all the help they can get.

If you have a brick-and-mortar shop that sells products, one of the most remarkable ways to market your business is through cute, custom shopping bags in Orlando. A custom bag to carry away their purchase will always make customers feel special. And if you use the bag design to make an impact, it may draw more customers your way.

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