Four Reasons to Use Custom Packaging for Your Small Business

Do you want to make a great impression on your customers? Are you looking to improve some of your small business practices before the upcoming holiday season? One of the best ways to go the extra mile is to use custom packaging supplies. When you invest in custom tissue paper, boxes, bags, and custom ribbon in Orlando, you take the steps to show your customers their value and appreciation for each order. These are a few reasons to consider using custom packaging for your small business.

Provides a Great First Impression

When someone buys from an e-commerce website, they do not ever set foot in a brick-and-mortar store. Because of this, your packaging should give them the impression that you want them to be left with. This is their experience with your store, and you want it to be a great one. To leave a lasting impression, you should wrap the items in beautiful tissue paper or kraft paper. Also, add stickers, packing tape, and thank you cards that are branded with your business. This provides a unique experience that will make them want more.

Promotes Brand Awareness

When you invest in custom packaging, you also promote your branding. As your package makes its way to its new home, you have a chance to showcase your branding to those who see it. They will notice the pop of color amidst the sea of white and brown packages, and they will take notice of your logo, color scheme, and design. This brand awareness will lead to a rise in business over time, as people will start to become curious what exactly you offer.

Sets You Apart from Competition

When you want to set yourself apart from other retailers in your space, you need to consider ways to grab the customers’ attention. Unique and beautiful packaging is a great place to start. If your competition is still using boring, brown cardboard boxes and leaving out any special attention to details, you will already have a leg up on them. Wrap your products in tissue paper with ribbon and a bow, use custom packing tape, and add a special touch with thank you notes or custom paper.

Adds Enjoyment to Unboxing

Currently, consumers love the social experience of sharing their unboxing videos on social media. This is a part of the experience of buying products online. When you take the extra steps to make this process more enjoyable, they will be morel likely to share their experience. If this occurs, you are not only providing them with a smile, but you are reaching more of their followers as they share. Social sharing is free publicity that can help to bring more business to your site.

These are just a few reasons why you should consider using custom packaging for your small business. If you operate an e-commerce or internet-based retail shop, you should consider our custom supplies, including custom ribbon in Orlando. Contact Bags and Boxes to see more today.