What Shipping Supplies You Need to Start an E-Commerce Business

Are you planning on launching your small e-commerce website soon? Do you know how you are going to deliver your products to your customers? E-commerce is the way to go during these times, as you can do all your business virtually without having to be concerned about the pandemic is going to affect your in-person. Before you open your virtual doors, it is important work out all the small glitches, like backend operations, website development, and shipping. Taking the time to stock shipping supplies, test out the how the product withstands shipping practices, and experience unboxing your product is important to ensure the customer gets what they paid for. These are just a few of the shipping supplies you need to stock before launching your e-commerce business.

Boxes or Polymailers

Depending on the type of items you will offer in your store, you need to have a way to bundle them together to ship them out. Invest in quality boxes or polymailers in a variety of sizes to secure your products and ship them to your customers. Polymailers are great for soft items, like apparel, blankets, pillows, and other lightweight products. Boxes are beneficial when you are shipping gentle items, as you can pad them with tissue paper or bubble wrap.

Tissue Paper or Bubble Wrap

To secure any gentle or fragile items you need to ship, you will want to stock up on tissue paper and bubble wrap. These are great fillers to keep your products safe while they are travelling to their new home. Consider getting custom tissue paper with your logo to add some style and personality into your packaging.

Tape and Tape Dispenser

To seal the boxes, you need to have great quality mailing tape on hand. To make the boxing process easier, consider investing in a handheld tape dispenser. This will allow you to package each box within seconds, as it will self-tear and make it much quicker to package bulk items in one sitting.

Branded Stickers

Although this is not something you need to get your products into the hands of your customers, you will want to add some extra flair by having custom stickers in your packages. Consider placing your logo or color scheme on stylish stickers so that your buyers will enjoy the unboxing experience from the moment the box arrives at their doorstep. These small touches can go a long way in creating a relationship with your customers.

Custom Elements

When you want to go the extra mile and create brand awareness from the very beginning, you should consider getting customized packaging items. Things like custom tissue paper and custom gift wrap in Orlando make a large statement and great first impression on your customers. Although these items may be more money up front, they will pay off in the long run by creating repeat business.

These are a few of the shipping supplies that you will need to get your e-commerce site up and running. If you are looking for stylish and affordable custom giftwrap in Orlando, check out our website to order your bulk shipping items today.