Natural Kraft Apparel Boxes

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Natural Kraft 2-Piece Pop Up Apparel boxes are 100% recycled and made in the USA.

10x7x1.5″ Scarves, Gloves, Lingerie, and more.
11.5×8.5×1.5″ Lingerie, Blouses, Books, Children’s Apparel, and more.
15×9.5×2″ Long and Short Sleeve shirts, and more.
17x11x2.5″ Sweaters, Jeans, Heavier Clothing, and more.
19x12x3″ Place Mats, Dresses, Suits, and more.
24x14x4″ Robes, Bath Sets, Coats, and more.

Wrap your goods in solid color tissue paper prior to placing in box and add stretch loops to kick your look up a notch.

ADD Your Logo to these boxes! To personalize your boxes with a company or brand logo, Call our Team at 833-531-1944.

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